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Our group is located at Prague 6, in the Czech republic. Currently our group consists of 3 troops – two boy and one mixed. You will find more information at the troop pages:

43. troop Ztracená hvězda: http://hvezda.skauting.cz

    - mixed troop

    - meetings are held at Libocká 41, Praha 6 – Liboc

logo Ztracené Hvězdy

175. troop Jeleni: www.jeleni.org

    - boy troop with extended spiritual education

    - meetings are held at Markétská 1, Praha 6 – Břevnov


315. oddíl 315: www.315.cz

    - boys group

    - meetings are held at Šultysova 26, Praha 6 – Břevnov

Formalities for contact with offices:

    Group leader (statutary member): Jan Rabiňák
           tel. 603159788, email: rabinak@pmz.cz
    Vice group leader: Michal Hinda, tel. 731730671, email michal.hinda@gmail.com
    Full organization name: Junák – český skaut, středisko Bílý los Praha, z.s.
    Adress of the group (billing): Liborova 470/2, Praha 6 - Břevnov, 16900
    : 61389650
    DIČ: CZ61389650 (we don't pay VAT, only for formalities)
    File number: L 38736 led by the Municipal Court in Prague


Maps of our troops here. For printing will be best if you go to Google maps.

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